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Sizzle - Six Sparkle Sessions Package

Get Yourself Aligned, Focused,

Grounded, Centered and Energized.

with Your Divine Spark Shining Brilliantly!

Investment In Yourself -

$2999.97 for 6 Sessions (Value $6000)


Gotta Get Sparkled? SEE Why!

Delighted clients share their Sparkle Experiences ....

alleviation and elimination of pain and discomfort, grief, shame, blame, sleeplessness,

cobwebs on the brain, overwhelm, stuckness To

feeling good again, excited and with the energy and clarity to get moving on their goals and dreams,

able to monetize and put their gifts to use again.


Be CEO Of You™ - Be R.E.A.L.™ * Radiant Empowered Aligned Leader

If Not Now, When? If Not Here, Where? If Not with Michele, Founder of Sparkle-Chi, With Whom?

What could be Possible for You?

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The Experiences - So Easy

Client heart-centered shares...

Michele Ho Lung with Marilyn Kapusniak-Happily Retired

Pam Heath - I'll Never Forget...

The YES Coach™

Dorel Interview - 2.2X $$$

Financial Advisor World Financial Group

Apryl Redbird - ...I was calm!

Digital Creator

Joel Bauer - No one else was sprinkling me...

Mentor Of Mentors

Ruby Wight - I was a skeptic

Mentor, Pilgrimage Tour Operator

Marilyn Southern - I spent thousands of dollars in therapy...

Marilyn Southern - in a different place altogether

Empowering Courageous Women Entrepreneurs

Jeremy Gaul - No pain-I feel good.

Your CTO and Co-Host of TheSparkleExperienceShow.com

All results are the personal experience of the above people, their experiences are unique.

There are no guarantees of specific results.

Get Moving Forward.... Try Something New and Open Up to Beautiful Possibilities for 2024 !

What time, effort, resources is it costing you to be doing the same old...

and hoping for different results?

Six One-On-One Sparkle Sessions in this specially priced package For the Year of the Dragon.

Sparkle and Shine... as you tap into Your Divine Spark

and perhaps get a hop to your skip and smiles on your lips.

The Perfect, Unique Gift to Yourself... who has almost Everything perhaps...

Send heart-felt wishes up to the stars...

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